Tuesday, December 14, 2010


30 days to go!!! Nervousness, anxiety, excitement, & what not!! With all the hard work, deadlines, brainstorming, ideas being scrapped, 16 committees working together to bring to life ‘’Aahan’’...
 “AAHAN” (meaning the 1st ray of sun) , Usha Pravin Gandhi College of management’s 1st college fest on the 11th, 12th, 13th, of Jan!!
Well you must be wondering what’s the big deal about this? For starters it’s not a cultural fest..... yet it’s got some 1 of a kind events that’ll amaze you!!
With events related to media, management & IT such as... “MISE-EN-SCENE” ( where 4 different sets are kept, participants come & observe everything next day they shoot there & those films are telecast live, “INTERNATIONAL FILM ENTRIES” (Pakistan, Germany, Iraq, Switzerland, Australia to name a few from the list of 43 countries-showing their film entries),
“NIGHT FOOTBALL”  (sure the 1st in student college fests), “TECH RODIES” ‘’FIFA’’..... the list goes on.
Excited much? These are just a few of the awesome events from a big list ,I’m sure it’s exciting & you wanna know more about “AAHAN” ....there’s also a celebrity organising committee ( wherein celebs from different fields helped us along till the D day)....there’ll be a live web cast of the ongoing events on the web sites.... still there’s a lot more to discover...... if I give away all the details there won’t be any fun/ curiosity in you in finding what’s next!!
I assure you, you will have the time of your life & will be left speechless, so fasten your seat belt for the joy ride that is AAHAN cos it’’ll be AAHAN-tasctic.......on the 11th(in Jamnabai Narsee school) 12th, 13th of Jan, Vile Parle, near Mithibai College, entry free, just flash your college I-cards
For more details log onto www.upgaahan.com or AAHAN UPG fb profile.
For more details you can contact me also.

PS- life becomes lively when you experience something unusual....we at Aahan are just offering you a different flavour ‘’hatke’’ from all the other college fests!!!
BE THERE & feel the difference you want

Sunday, December 5, 2010

something new

well I'm talking about the fashion culture in the cities campuses, with ''first impression is the last impression'' being the mantra in all colleges, no wonder we see students more concerned about how they look & less about how they fare in academics, but who is to be blamed for this? go to any street & you'l see so many options be it causeway or Promod a stall/store is decked with beautiful clothes adorned by the maniquines so stylishly we almost want to buy it all, but in the quest of buying i all we also know that these stores have more such clothes decked up & are not custom made so you wonder what if so & so turns up wearing the same thing to so & so's party? what if your friend buys the same piece in a different colours that's the worst (sometimes the only) nightmare of a college going girl after all, impressing someone is the only thing we do in our college life (most do) so here comes the styling factor where we stand out from others & also the quest of being labeled ''the most stylish/trendy person''begins we go for different hairstyles, accessories, 1 thing that 1 immediately sees & thinks of you it could be the dark eye make up, or those piercings, Goths, the dainty girly, or the tomboy appearance, we're all stereotyped & build up that image that ''something new'' which sets us apart from others & we stand out among the crowd while some do this flawlessly, others even after trying might make a fool of themselves, so while trying to do something new don't become an ugly duckling while trying to be a swan!!
my trademark- striped 3/4th sleeves t-shirts!!!