Sunday, June 2, 2013


A deep sense of regret
the feeling I would never forget

In the times spent
and the times wanting to spend

the dark alleys of emotion light up
as I prepare my heart with caution

the spark that tinkers in the depth of the heart
the rush of emotions that erupts when we part

the harsh realities that seem to overtake the saga of life
when in the end all we do is strive!

This day seems to be a cruel joke
for this is how a fair deal broke

As we took those steps together
destined we were to move away further

Although life has handed us a fair deal
your time is all I would want to steal

Tomorrow seems too far away
today counts as time wasted anyway

So as I see you walk away
there’s only one final thing I’d like to say….
“stay”, stay we will run away,
stay we will fool destiny away,
stay we have unfinished conversations,
stay cos’ I long for affiliation,
All I ask for is you to stay!