Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cry Me a River

Of all the things we are made of,
of all the things we want to be…

Don’t cry,
cause you didn’t make it,
and even with your head held high you couldn’t take it.

Don’t cry,
cause you were the last one who knew,
and it made you feel like a chance you blew.

Don’t cry,
cause you were not strong enough, not capable enough,
and you were not the chosen one.

Don’t cry,
cause the audience left before the curtains could be drawn,
remember there is always an early dawn.

Don’t cry,
cause you couldn’t get up, couldn’t fight for what was yours
many a great people became men with battles lost.

cause you are too strong to hold it back in,
cause sometimes speaking your mind seems way too harsh,

cause you found a shoulder and now you can cry some more and open up,
cause it’s a part of the struggle, a part of life,
cause it’s the greatest leveller of all humankind.

cause that was the first thing you ever learned and entered the world doing,
cause the mighty skies also growl.

cause you have made it big, cause you have fulfilled your dreams,
and cry some more when you have found someone to live it with….

cause you will get a better perspective in life after the tears have worked their magic,
cause your heart will be light after the emotions lose all the tragic…

Thursday, July 4, 2013

When you’re down!

When the world around you seems merry
when everything you want, seems to be on an uphill clearly

When you’re down, nothing seems to work out,
when the end of the tunnel seems too far along,

When the cross roads lead you to one dead end,
when the keys seem to only lock the door and when rains don’t stop to pour,

The clock winds without repair, and the world goes round without a care,
when happiness you’re unable to trace, life only seems to be of despair!

When the slightest fall looks like a big push,
and nothing seems to work for the good,

When you’re down and the miles seem to grow,
when you’re burned out and the solution seems to be the problem,

With every stair that you climb and no floor insight,
with every page you turn the story seldom unfurls!

When you’re down and out and believe is something you’d rather not,
a glimmer of hope that once tinkered now completely lost in its direction towards you,

when the music fades into noise and  when things don’t seem to look up,
“this too shall pass” is what they say, but they fail to wear your shoes and with each passing moment hope you lose!

And when the dawn breaks and with it new hope awakes is when you’re up and about and the adventure begins again!