Friday, October 8, 2010


dedicated to all those who have been through this phase or will go through it once in thier teen life (guaranteed)

so as i begin with this article, the LOST GIRL- who is lost in herself, not knowing where she stands, even though surrounded by people, yet being lonely, alone in her thoughts, imaginations running wild.
  being just out of junior college, having enjoyed her holidays with friends & family, yet being lost in deep thoughts, pressure to persue the career of her dreams, being resticted by parents to do so...... this lost girl who lives in this big city of dreams is going through a roller coster in order to achieve those dreams,
    this los girl is wondering, how would it feel like if she had 1 day into her future. Is she gonna be lost forever in her life?
  wondering & being lost in thinking, where will she & her friends stand with her in the future?
   lost thinking who is she? who are her real friends? why is she here, what is she doing here? will she be able to make it big, be remembered & recognised?
 lost in those random dreams & thoughts running all across her mind, whilst crossing at the peak hours on the cross roads (of her life too) met with an accident & is lost forever from this world,
Though she will remain in the hearts of her loved ones & found in the newspapers of tomorrow & lost after that. 
PS- is life really like this? no matter how good/bad, popular/unpopular, are we also like the lost girl? LOST?
        think about it!!!

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