Tuesday, November 30, 2010


1)- Get drunk & go wild!! (don’t we all wanna do that?)
2)- leave your inhibitions- do that thing that scares you the most, it might turn out to be your favourite thing
3)- like someone? Go talk to him/her....you might end up together forever or might find someone else but you won’t regret not asking that person out & then forever wondering.... did s/he like me, like me not?
4)-go on a trip alone before turning 20-discover yourself before you are bounded with responsibliies- enjoy your freedom
5)-make a “bucket list”- if you’ve seen the movie “The Bucket List” you’ll know what I’m talking about... if not then please do so it’s a must watch!!
6)-make up with all whom you’ve fought with, asap!! Don’t hold any grudge, you will curse yourself for it (speaking from personal experience)
7)-do something worth remembering in the future, when you’re old, sitting with your friends at your home, thinking about old times & think how crazy you were to do that... trust me it’s gonna be worth it.... but it should be something wild & crazy!!!
8)-do as much as possible in your teen years, this is the age where you are allowed to make mistakes!! PS-experiment
9)-Always read & follow my blog
10)- If you think any of this is rubbish, feel free to post a comment, & if you have your own list do share it here with other readers!!

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