Saturday, January 1, 2011


2011, a whole new year to look forward to, & a hell lotta things to do, I’m sure all must’ve thought about that new year’s resolution, or must’ve set some things for yourselves to do this year & make it more useful, eventful & recreational than the previous year........... so have I.
 For starters , I have made a point to try something new, I did  hell lotta new stuff in 2010

RSVPed- the following:-
Board exams
Discovered North –East. Got results
Began with new college (degree college)- BMM has a hell lotta projects.
Started with PR- AAHAN- my college fest.
Got back with some friends who I hadn’t spoken to for over a year for some reason.
Started teaching at EACH ONE TEACH ONE (NGO), got my driver’s liscence.
Its al about AAHAN, 31st eve.


Well with 2010 being a year full of new things, I wanna try atleat 1 new thing this year, but I’m confused, cos I wanna learn Spanish ( no time though L ) & well my Mom will be impressed (shocked too) if I started to learn some cooking ( I’m good at magi & cakes) but I fell bored to do so....
Do you have any such plan of trying something new? Or anything for that matter, share it here with our readers, & well if I like your new thing for new 2011, I could get inspired & do that...... so help me trying something new this year!!!

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