Friday, April 29, 2011


Every morning I wake up I think of you,
Every Night I sleep I think of you,
There has never been a moment, you didn’t cross mind,
If only you knew, how much you are remembered
If only you could think of me once,
The water flows for life, winds blow for the breeze,
The mountains rise for the sky, the clock ticks for day & night,
The sun brims to rise & shine,
& I live on in the hope of you falling for me one day,
This life seems to be a far cry, it seems to depair,
It journeys along the obstacles to find your path at the end,
These cross roads exude your faint memories,
The presence of those sweet memories illusions the bitter absence
& SO I CRIED , when you embraced me in your arms, a wait I longed for!!!

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