Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Then I was 8, now I am 18
Then I was innocent, now I am a bitch
The I the world loved/accepted me the way I was, now they love/accept me on my coolness.
Then I loved my parents, now I fight with them,
Then I fought with my sibling, now I can’t live w/o my sibling
Then I was directionless, now I have 100s of ‘em
Then I ran to catch a ball, now I run to catch a train/fame
Then I had a halo, now I have horns
Then I followed, now I lead
Then life was flawless, now life is filled with obstacles
Then I was just another girl, now I can’t afford to be just another girl,
Then I was in Bombay, now I am in Mumbai,
Then I wanted to be where I am today, now I want to go back to then
A lot has changed since then & keeps changing now, the 1 thing that hasn’t changed is that I had dreams then, I have dreams now
Life has become hectic & I keep loosing myself to now. But this now will soon become then one day & then I would again wanna go back to now. I loved my then , I like my now & I don’t know my future will be how!! But I shall keep dreaming & move on for now!!

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