Thursday, January 5, 2012


1. Publish a book
2. Learn Spanish thus making me a master of 5 languages
3. Visit Spain, France, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Manipur, Canada
4. Write a message in a bottle and get a reply and be that person’ s friend forever.
5. Buy my own house in south Mumbai.
6. Be the manager of a fashion brand by 26
7. Have a job that requires me to travel all over the globe and make friends from each continent
8. Always keep doing charity
9. Tell my crush I liked him someday
10. Have a gay friend and go to a gay club
11. Go backpacking to some country
12. Make north east of India my old age home
13. Send my parents on a holiday with my own money.
14. Have a personal driver so that I don’t have to drive , public transport rules.
15. Adopt a child or at least pay for one child’s education
16. Keep learning something or the other
17. Master the art of cooking and take the tension off my mom
18. Have one day when I can just switch off from this world and have a whole day to my self
19. Find a place that not many people know of and make it my secret abode.
20. Meet fabregas or kaka or higuain or any hot football player that is out there be it for a few seconds but meet them. Especially fabregas.
21. Keep updating this list each year after striking off one thing.

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