Sunday, May 12, 2013

A letter from Life

Life as we know it, is the single most priceless gift anyone could receive or give. in life there comes a time when you question your very existence, what is the sole purpose of you being here?- the one question many a great saints have been seeking the answer to. While some go on to achieve nirvana others fall short of just one final piece of the puzzle. Of stardust and wanderlust, infinity and gravity, deepest oceans to highest peaks enlightened by the sun, illuminated by the moon forms your life. Your unique identity, it is what you make of it that takes you to that place you were longing to go to. It is in this race of going ahead with the past memories that we start disvaluing the present life itself . Your life is now, living in the past with thinking only of the future is the greatest sin in the highest courts of justice, serving sentence by not living your life is what eventually everyone ends up with.       The glint in your eyes to the grin on your face, life has covered a vaSt distance of this geographical escapade. Away far away in the deepest of thoughts I ask, why won’t you let me serve you my master? Your wish, my command, make something happen, something worthwhile, something legends will talk about? Down in the alley of your mind you ask ‘life, what have you done to me? What have you come to?   This hand was never served to me in the gamble of life when you chose the road always taken.    Few lives go down the beaten road, to live with satisfaction till the gates of heaven embrace those lives.   And yet we live the un-chosen lives, what others unwise have advised- ‘why take risk when you only have one life with so much to strive?   Jive to the unknown risks, life is but a walk so brisk, up and above, down and below find your life’s calling for it is always waiting-no hold, no engaged- lo and behold it is here your life is while you went in search of it.    It is the shadow that leaves you in the dark,  it is life you hold on to for that little spark.   Preaching about me to someone while breaching my trust, though the contract never stated any clauses on this, but impeachment you shall face.   I gave you everything while asking for 1 thing “live me”, how far have you lived up to this while pursuing all vanity?   If finding my purpose was that easy I probably wouldn’t have been such a mystery, having lived till 21st century who would tell these souls?-but I was always holding their hands.   Being taken away from someone has never been joyous but it is only then that they remove the blindfolds and truly see my meaning.    It is I who has been your constant love, your unsuspecting companion, that you never really valued, but we shall meet soon, probably for better or for worse, hoping you would know me, live me.
Signing off.
Your life.

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