Monday, November 5, 2012

D.R.E.A.M- Diversify Reach Empower Activate and Motivate

Chapter 1
 “There is suffering in life, and there are defeats. No one can avoid them. But it’s better to lose some of the battles in the struggles for your dreams than to be defeated without ever knowing what you’re fighting for.”- Paulo Coelho.
Dreams, wishes, hopes, aspirations are something that we are all born with and as long as we wish we strive to achieve these for ourselves, with each passing day we dream more and work even more to fulfil them and well most of us do get the opportunity to live the dream but there are a few who just like you have dreams some ordinary some extra ordinary are not that fortunate enough to live their dreams, they also have come to this world with great imagination and enthusiasm to be something, to be like someone , to leave their mark and footprints on everyone’s minds and hearts and to conquer the world, but they are not as lucky as you to make that wish happen, they are God’s angels, these are the children suffering from Cancer at TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, and the reason why I am penning down these memoirs is because these children also have talent, dreams, stars in their eyes and well maybe even for a few seconds at least if you read their story you would know they lead extra ordinary lives.
We could call them soldiers who are out there battling everyday for their lives not knowing if it’s today or tomorrow that they will lose, but they are fighting hard, they belong to that category that does not believe in giving up easily, the strength that they put in battling for their lives can put death to shame.
They are small light houses that show you the positive glowing light at the end of the tunnel, going to those special lectures and speeches on life would probably be less effective in front of the philosophies that they have on life, your take on life will definitely change once you hear their take on life, not losing hope and faith is something they all master pretty well and we could learn a trick or two on how to appreciate and value the gift that is life.
In a way they are God’s angels, sometimes you can’t help but wonder if they were specially sent on earth only to stop us from our busy lives, freeze our surroundings and show us the true worth of our lives! Don’t they say some people come in our lives, turn it upside down and just leave, they are those angels , your life is bound to turn upside down when you see how they live their lives and after even a minute of talking to them you’d wonder was I living life the wrong way all these years?
There are so many questions in this universe to which we don’t have any answers not even science but all we can do is accept them and move on, when you meet these children the only question you’d want to ask is “why them?” didn’t someone say “the good always go young”? God works in His own mysterious ways science hasn’t found and answer to yet, of course there are hundreds and thousands of books out there on “life”, “ways to lead a good life” , “life- like you never knew” and many more but sometimes it’s only special people like these that can truly open our eyes towards life.
They never say life is going to be fair all they say is life will be worth it, but when we see those little angels and tears rolling down the eyes, one can’t help but wonder is the life they lead worth it? The age when they’re supposed to be out playing in the garden here they are playing for their lives, when we take something as small as a toy for advantage, the smile you get to see on their faces when given a small ball is priceless , they come all the way to this hospital from far off remote places searching for the little ray of hope for life, seeing the parents in the lobby with tired eyes just looking for light at the end of the tunnel, for some the journey is over before the end is reached and when all hope comes crashing down you wonder  why do we go through these things ? 

to be continued.....

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