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Cancer- though there are cures and survival chances more today than there ever were, is one of the worst diseases, it hurts even more when you know that I might not be alive tomorrow, living with this thought everyday and if they do come out victorious they are even more of God’s special angels, as they were bestowed with special powers to beat death and get a second lease of life, it’s like re-birth.
I hope reading the heroic memoirs of a few children here will make you feel the plight they go through, of course no one really understands the real pain unless they or their close ones go through it, but maybe to a certain extent after reading these wonderful, heart wrenching tales you could feel like what it is to be God’s special angels.
In one sense, these brave little warriors have lost their battle with the cancer monster. Yet in another sense, they have actually been granted the ultimate victory by being given angel wings.
7,000,000 people on this planet, and these are those few chosen angels by Him, each one with his own unique story waiting to be heard, to make their presence felt and to leave a mark on 6,999,999 people they shared the planet with.
With 7 billion people breathing the same air as you, sometimes all you need is 1 and when that 1 is the chosen one how would you feel? No one deserves what these children go through , especially when you look at those cute angelic faces who have just learnt to walk and talk and are already preparing to leave the world and all those people’s whose hearts they touched vulnerable with the assurance of never returning back.
When we all crib about those little things in life, like not having good clothes or missing the first day first show of a movie, hear out these stories and next time you would think 10 times before cribbing for something, for most of us life has been easy, with toys brought even before you were born, a cycle was something you didn’t have to ask for, new dresses on every birthday, education to make a good career on your father’s expenses, well you’d ask isn’t every child entitled to these ‘’luxuries’’ from their parents? Yes I’d like to call these things a luxury cause after reading the tales of those children these seem like luxuries fit for royalty.
It all happens for a reason and only time tells why is it that out of all those hundred sperms we won the race? We all have some or the other purpose here on this planet- it is up to you to be the preserver or destroyer of His creations of which He chose you to be a part of. Actions speak louder than words, your actions should speak volumes about you after you’re gone, sometimes He is giving you chance after chance to do good by keeping you on the other side He is asking you to come forward and help His angels , a fair chance to get rid of your sins.
1 life, 1 world, 1 deed- to lead to 1 revolutionary change, history has been testament to it- all it takes is 1 man and 1 thought to change the world upside down- weather you choose the Gandhi way or the Hitler way is up to you, but I’m sure we all are educated enough to know which path to follow and help those who need us, they don’t want you to feel pity for them, all they ask for is a little compassion and belief in them.
Yes we have big buildings, big houses, big offices, big hospitals what we lack is a big heart- to show compassion towards these angels, I feel privileged to have met these angels in my lifetime- open your hearts and get rid of any unwanted hate cause when you meet them, their love will overflow and your small heart won’t b able to contain it.
Want to know the true value of life? Meet these children and in a second you’ll know there is nothing in this world that is more worth than your life, I’m no preacher here, just an ordinary girl who realized the importance of life after meeting these extra ordinary people (angels), well no one has truly understood life’s worth otherwise that’ll make us all Gautama Buddha, but maybe if you can keep aside a few hours of your precious time aside for them and hear them out you’d get a little closer to attaining “nirvana” on life.
After reading these stories some of you might be touched shed a few tears, some might stack it up with other books, a few would go and meet them, I hope each person who has the chance to be a part of the lives while reading it out on the way to work or at night goes and helps them, value your life more and well these young children will be happy if they’ve left an impression on you and I’d be happy to have helped a few by immortalizing them  in this book, also if you could adopt any of their wishes after reading them would be great. After reading this book I hope one thing common that you all will have in your bucket list is ‘’to meet one such angel’’.
7 billion people and each has a unique story to tell, these are 9 of those unique stories and 3 of mine at the end of the book, each endearing in its own way. In these stories you will find inspiration, courage, and warmth. In these stories you will find frustration, struggle, and uncertainty. You will laugh, you will cry, you will get angry -- and you will probably find yourself falling in love with some precious children and young people from whom you will learn important lessons about life.
Interviewing them was very difficult, I could not hold back my tears but seeing their strength left me aw struck, the sheer strength they showed, at one point I gave up as I could not look at their plights but fighting back my tears with a fake smile while interviewing them, only because I want the world to get inspired by them was the sole reason I mustered the courage and in a choking voice took their interview.
Also the strength their parents showed was laudable, these here are the real heroes, who in the face of such plight smile through it all and have actually won the battle by overcoming all this with their smile, there was not one time while interviewing them that they didn’t smile and I wondered how are they so strong? And were all praises for their children, they were happy that someone had come to them and was asking about their children and would quip in every time singing praises like every proud parent and though their eyes would moisten up but they didn’t break down like I did , coming from far off places to this big city like so many do in the hope that this hospital will save them is also praise worthy.
This hospital has a make a wish foundation department and a toy bank department where we can go and give away our toys or adopt some wishes is a good thing and I hope you go and have a look at how you can contribute.

The world is our stage, He is our director, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin the show, give deep thought to each story I’m sure you will have a deep connection with some, each one has a different tale to share, they are waiting for their voices to be heard are you ready to lend your ears?

             A football legend he could be…..

Young Sanil Karambekar all of 11 years from the small village of Mahad in Raigad District of Maharashtra , has been in the hospital since 7 months. He was also just like any other 11 year old boy who loved to fool around , play, was good at cricket and football and active in all sports activities in his school, until 1 day when he was detected with cancer and his life changed forever.
His father Dattatray Karambekar who has been by his side all this time gleans proudly and says that he loved playing football and then one day due to cancer the doctors advised his knee to be removed, it was a tough decision but they had no other option and now he is left with just 1 leg and deemed him bed ridden.
He misses his school and friends the most and is waiting for the day he can get out of the hospital and go back to his town.
Besides football he also loves cricket and has won prizes in his school for kabbadi,( who says India lacks in sports?)
His proud father quips in to say he also plays the harmonium, more so with his hand gestures as he could not get the English word for it.
Even though it was after lunch and they were being injected with heavy doses of medicines and he was sleepy yet I could understand he was more than happy to share a few of his life stories with me.
He said he wants to meet Hritik Roshan one day and if It wasn’t for the operation he would love to dance with him.( an all rounder in the making?)
When I asked him if given a chance to ask 1 Question to the doctors what would it be?
“when will I get well”.
Talking to him made me realize that something as meagre as going to school and having legs and a playground to play on, something that we all grow up taking for granted is something someone more deserving than us, more talented than us, worthy than us is not able to have simply because of no fault of his .
When his father told me now he will never be able to play his favorite game ever, I broke down and it took me 10 minutes to get back to being stable, I could sense the sadness in his heart but he was strong enough to not break down, I still don’t know the secret behind that strong smile, it’s something not all are able to master.
Some might say they have become immune to it, but how much can one man take? Which father would be so strong enough to face the harsh reality that his son will never be able to walk again his entire life?
11 years- too young to go through all this , when your average 11 year old boy is running around this boy here being confined to the four closed walls of the hospital room with others like him, though he being the only one whose leg had been cut, with a small TV for entertainment is hard to come to terms with.
This was one young man and one brave soul that India has produced and after reading his tale India sure will be proud of him.
Do you feel for young Sanil here? Is there any way you can help him out, go ahead and do it, it’ll not only make his day but also yours, there are some things money can’t buy and in case of these angels your support and a little time you can devote towards them will be million times more than what a million rupees can do.

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished, and that will be the beginning.

to be continued.......

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