Friday, September 13, 2013

People Always Leave......

No matter how many promises one makes of staying with you forever, they leave. People move, go on to do great things, achieve great things wishing they were beside you when they achieved those, but they don’t’ come back.

We all belong here to complete the tasks we were sent here to do and in this infinity meet people along the way- their purpose in itself is to act as catalysts, some who help us in finishing those tasks, some who stops us from achieving the tasks and some who we can share the journey with before reaching the destination. But in the end they all leave, even though we wish that the relationships we form along the way could be infinite, there’s always space for someone else, and people always leave.

Sometimes filling the empty void becomes easy while most times it remains what it is an empty void- a deep dark empty tunnel winding down in our hearts, the keys to which rust as time passes by and even though the tunnel remains vacant enough for someone else we seldom make efforts to let “others” in, hoping those who left will come back one day and the empty dark tunnel will be lit up, but hey people never return.

 They never will, once you  leave there’s no looking back, there’s no waiting around, the earth revolves and the sun and the moon shine bright, giving each day a tiny glimmer of hope that tomorrow will be better and  they will stay with us, but people always leave.

When times get tough and we look to our side waiting for that hand to hold us while we’re vulnerable only to realise that the promise made to be in each others’ forever was well just a few spoken words cause that person left never to hold us again, though they always will in spirit.
So what’s the one thing you would do or say to the one leavin? Goodbyes the worst thing we go through no matter how strong we know we are, and no matter how much we would like to stay we all eventually need to leave.

“So as I see you walk away
there’s only one final thing I’d like to say….
“stay”, stay we will run away,
stay we will fool destiny away,
stay we have unfinished conversations,
stay cos’ I long for affiliation,
All I ask for is you to stay!”

People are always meant to leave.....

PS- Dedicated to all my friends, who I am leaving behing, I will miss you.

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