Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Journey Continues.....

When times get tough, And things seem rough, When wanting to smile seems like a task, Your true feelings lie behind a mask, Imaginging building things all along Reaching new highs even with all thats wrong, Realigning your thoughts cos those were but imaginations, Maligning all hopes, playing with your determinations Tyin' the strings together, Gluin' the broken pieces (forever?) Being driven in reverse gear, Taking the back seat cos you fear! Standing tall, making your conscience clear, Life does not all of a sudden seem very dear! every call being unanswered, With Every fall being encountered, Deterred to stand up, only to be pushed back not having a chance to land up..... It all seems to be a cruel joke, When in your face destiny pokes, Your overflowing tears make you choke When no one is around to give you a nice lil stoke 'it'll be alright' wanting to hear, It all looks unbright even though the tunnel is near! It does not get better even with rose tinted glasses, Afterall life's a race that you need to sprint! Win or lose, its all pre-written, The bad times come hard hittin, But its only one life you live, What have you got to give? Grow a flower, stand under the shower, watch the birds fly with your grand mother, they never said life was going to be a fair deal, In the end that's what's real.... This poem may seem left incomplete, but the ending is left for you to imagine what you understand from this and make your own art with your imagination.

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